Weekly Specials

Manic Monday: $3 rails til 9pm

Tuesday: Discounted Flights & Growlers

Wine down Wednesday: Half off all bottles of wine

Thursday: Extended Happy Hour til 9pm! Dj from 8-11pm


Upcoming Events


We Cater!

Please check out our new catering menu and email fatdragonreservations@gmail.com to set up your next event!



Please order 24 hours in advance

Half-pan serves approx. 5-7

Full-pan serves approx.  7-10

We are happy to deliver orders over $400 within a 10mile radius

 $ Half Pan/Full Pan



Ginger Salad V $15/25

Green Bean Stir Fry V GFO $35/60

Dragon Breath OR Szechuan Pepper Wings GF $40/70

Crispy Chicken Rolls $30/50

Crispy Calamari $45/80

Firecracker Shrimp CS $50/90

Canton Spring Roll CS OR Veggie Spring Roll V $25/40

Beer Battered Mushrooms V $30/50

Ramen & Fried Rice Dishes

Chef’s Stir Fry Ramen CS $60/110

Shrimp and Bacon Ramen CS $50/90

Chicken and Rice Noodles GF $45/80

Beef Jalapeño Fried Rice GFO $50/90

Shrimp & Kimchi Fried Rice CS GFO $65/120

Ancient Secret BBQ Pork Fried Rice GFO $50/90

Free-style Fried Rice GFO $35/60

Our signature house fried rice

Add a protein: Chicken OR Tofu + $15/30   Beef OR Shrimp + $20/40



Chef Zhao’s Chicken GF $70/130

Garlic Chicken GFO $70/130

Mui Mui Bourbon Chicken GFO $80/150

Tangerine Chicken $80/150

Basil Beef GFO $80/150

Fei-Lone Beef $90/170

Numb Numb Pepper Steak $90/170

Asian Rib Rack $14- Half Rack $24- Full Rack

Enter the Dragon GFO CS $90/170

Thai Fish Fillet CS $90/170

Fat Dragon Tofu V $60/110

All entrees are served with white rice unless otherwise requested

Substitute brown rice for $10/20


CS = Contains Shellfish

V = Vegetarian

GF = Gluten Free

GFO = Gluten Free Option Upon Request


Please inform your server of any dietary restrictions prior to ordering


Most dishes may be prepared as a vegetarian option by substituting tofu